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15 Of The Cringiest Mom Selfies

Is it just me, or is he not really having a very nice time? With that being said, aren't selfies just great? Only the people you trust.

  • Technique 6: The Let Me Grab My Sack The Let Me Grab My Sack is all puffery.

  • The photo app company has admitted it can access unopened snaps—and turn them over to law enforcement.

15 Of The Cringiest Mom Selfies

That's what's convincing us that his misplaced emoji incident wasn't intentional.

  • Really though, it's not sure who did the first one, but let's think that it was the Hilton heiress back in 2006.

  • There's a Snapchat app that lets you save pictures without notifying the other person You may think SnapChat is the safest way to send your nudies, but let's be real, there's always a loophole.